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Our production approach harnesses the power of our 5-axis CNC machine, and couples it with a supporting infrastructure of design and workshop finishing to provide a turnkey production service. We optimise each project to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, whether it is a production run of thousands, or a bespoke 1-off piece. Contact Cambian to discuss why we should be your first choice as a manufacturing partner.


We believe there is no substitute for physical prototypes, to get a real sense of a new idea, and to push a project forwards.

We can produce 1-off pieces. From full-size block models for ergonomic testing, to architectural scale models, to production-quality working prototypes for client presentations.

Whatever the complexity, budget, or design stage, we can provide a prototyping solution to suit your needs.

  • Custom models
  • Bespoke design
  • Proof of concepts
  • Scale models

Major Bespoke Projects

Our unparalleled experience in large-scale architectural installs from our action sports background makes Cambian an ideal partner for your next major project.

Starting from the design phase, each part in the project is modelled in context to ensure perfect fit and finish.

Modular manufacture means that no matter the size of the finished install, we are able to ship each segment by road or sea in standard containers.

We can provide on-site installation services, or work directly with your contractors to provide a detailed, sequenced assembly strategy.

  • Design in-house
  • Modular construction
  • Road or sea transit
  • Efficient installation
The interior of Yonder, a major new climbing centre install in Walthamstow, London.

Mass Production

Our CNC is able to cut 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives us capacity to be able to offer full scale mass or batch production of components or fully assembled products.

We work with clients to optimise the manufacture process. We minimise waste material and excess processing time, using our extensive experience and cutting-edge algorithm-driven manufacturing software.

The other benefit of CNC is its scalability. Small production runs are not prohibitively expensive. Additionally, once the initial programming investment has been made, components can be cut indefinitely at a rate which suits the growth of your business.

  • High Capacity
  • Rapid production
  • Optimised process
  • Flexible production runs
Stacked up production run of machined wood crest-shaped plaques

Bringing it all Together

Our experienced workshop team are equipped to assemble finished products, from repeated batch operations to complex bespoke structures with extremely tight tolerances.

Our in-house design principles ensure that assembly sequence and method are carefully planned at every stage, and continuously developed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our strategy of designing components to ‘self-jig’ means that accuracy is increased whilst decreasing physical assembly time.

  • In-house assembly
  • Quality control
  • Line assembled or bespoke
  • High tolerance

The Finishing Touch

Our in-house paint shop allows us to offer a range of spray finishing techniques, from traditional wood varnishes and wax-oils to high-performance engineering coatings.

Whether a project calls for visible grain or opaque block colour, we will consult to find the best method for achieving your desired surface finish, with the ability to match industry-standard Pantone or RAL references.

When specialist processes are required, we work closely with our clients to meet stringent industrial specifications, ranging from <1% sheen ‘dead matte’ finishes to fibrous intumescent coatings.

  • In-house facility
  • Range of finishes
  • Specialised paints
  • Bespoke job capacity