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Designing, manufacturing and installing action sport facilities is the foundation of our business, and continues to be a core part of our ever-expanding offering.

We believe that engineered wooden facilities represent the best investment in terms of longevity, cost and above all sustainability.

Our team are engineers, designers and craftspeople, but they’re also riders, climbers and skaters, so these projects have a personal aspect for us. Our specialisms are skate parks and climbing walls, but we are always looking to see where else we can bring the Cambian approach.

Why not visit our main Action Sports site or contact us to tell us about your project.


Starting from even the smallest idea, we work collaboratively to design innovative layouts, which cater to a wide range of skill levels, accessible for the beginner but challenging to even the most seasoned pro.

Our team are enthusiasts too, and they understand what makes a great space, and try to push the boundaries further on every project.

Whether you have a fully formed design that needs to be realised or you’re starting from a blank slate, we can work with you to bring it to reality.

  • Contract works
  • Installation team
  • H&S management
  • Regular consultation
Overhead view of Yonder, a major new climbing centre install in Walthamstow, London. Showing mezzanine structure and climbing walls below

Archtectural design

When we design a facility, we make sure to make the most of every inch of space. We always start with an exact model of the existing structure, taken from 3D scans or existing architectural drawings, so everything fits in perfectly. We often use multi-level layouts, utilising mezzanine floors and platforms, with eye-catching centrepieces and a sense of adventure built into every project.

We create visualisations at each design stage of the project, so you’re able to see your vision come to life.

  • Contract works
  • Installation team
  • H&S management
  • Regular consultation
A CAD rendered view of Mags on Ramps, an indoor skatepark in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Showing the bowl room and the street style section.


We have built major indoor and outdoor skateparks all over the country, Source Park Hastings being the largest underground park in the world.

The design of our parks takes a modular approach. Each bowl and quarterpipe is built in sections for easy shipment. Our unique construction system means that although each park is unique, they’re all built on the same tried-and-tested design.

If a park is to be used in a temporary location, each section can be unbolted and moved – impossible using conventional techniques.

  • Modular loading
  • Transport logistics
  • Road or sea transit
  • Optimised delivery
Overhead view of the Source Park skatepark facility in Hastings, East Sussex. The largest underground skatepark in the world.

Climbing walls

Because of our design and manufacturing techniques, we aren’t confined to flat and featureless faces. We have total design freedom to create truly new and groundbreaking designs to set your facility apart from the crowd.

Multifaceted overhangs and jagged boulders are just the start of what becomes possible using our techniques. A great example is a new climbing wall experience we built for Yonder, a London-based climbing centre and community hub. We acted as the main contractor, designing and constructing a fantastic multi-use climbing space.

  • Experienced team
  • Large or small projects
  • Complete project works
  • Tight timescale delivery
Two climbers using the cnc machined climbing wall at Yonder climbing centre. Both are in a dynamic stance on an overhanging technical section of the wall