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Cambian work within the architectural sector to provide structural engineering and manufacture for engineered wood structures, as well as a range of architectural processes that make use of wood, such as mouldmaking for plaster or fibreglass facade pieces. In addition to residential and business properties, we have worked on projects for airports, public buildings, swimming pools and other civil engineering projects. Call us today to discuss your current or future projects, and what Cambian can offer as an architectural wood manufacturer.

Structural Wood

Excellent strength to weight ratio, durability and cost-effectiveness make engineered wood an ideal choice as the primary structural material for many projects.

We are able to manufacture for a variety of architectural contexts, having previously created everything from geodesic dome roof structures, conventional rafters and beams to entire timber framed buildings.

We can build in a range of engineered woods including Gluelam, LVL, LSL and of course Ply.

  • Loadbearing constructions
  • Roof structures
  • Complex frameworks
  • Engineered timber
Engineered wood structural framework for curved dorma windows assembled on pitched roof trusses

Offsite manufacture

All our components are manufactured in-house, assembled in modular sections for efficient transport, and are delivered to site fully finished, ready to be placed in situ and attached together. This approach reduces construction time and cost whilst delivering flawless fit and finish. Cambian’s experienced team can provide installation directly or work closely with specified contractors.

  • Modular construction
  • Fabricated segments
  • Pre-finished
  • Efficient delivery

Curves and complexity

The techniques and processes we use lend themselves to unusual forms and geometries which are impossible to create using traditional construction techniques.

Compound curves and amorphic, organic shapes can be produced easily with a high level of accuracy. With 5-Axis CNC capability, manufacturing constraints no longer place a limit on creativity

  • Compound curves
  • Geodesic domes
  • Organic shapes
  • Accurate machining
Man standing underneath multifaceted domed roof, constructed from sections of glass reinforced gypsum, moulded from CNC machined wood formers

Digital twin

We are able to create a ‘digital twin’ of your building. This model, created from our manufacturing CAD data, constitutes an identical, structurally accurate virtual representation of the finished construction.

Combining BIM with product lifecycle management, each event in the building’s operational life can be applied to the digital twin, or simulated ahead of time, whether it be a major weather event, or a planned structural modification . This continuously removes uncertainty and safeguards the future of your buildings.

  • Full life cycle
  • Digital replicas
  • Dynamic behaviour
  • Systems and devices
Screenshot from Siemens NX, showing a complete digital twin building, modelled in CAD down to component fixings level, and including BIM aspects such as services, HVAC etc.


Our CNC capabilities allow us to make moulds in virtually any shape for a range of building materials. Moulds for façades, cladding and decorative panels can be specifically designed for use with materials such as glass fibre reinforced materials (GRG, GRP, GRC etc.) gypsum, plaster, concrete, resin. Also positive moulds from tooling board or wood which can in turn be used to create silicon tooling or metal castings.

  • Facade moulds
  • Composites
  • Concrete
  • Fine surface finish
Three identical stacked architectural column moulds which were used for casting dimensionally accurate column cladding sections


Using a mixture of digital and traditional joinery techniques, Cambian can fulfil interior design requirements from individual furniture and lighting pieces to room-defining centerpieces, reception areas, meeting rooms and social spaces. Pieces can be fitted exactly to the space they are intended for using our CAD systems.

In addition to using engineering wood, we are able to machine hard and soft wood, making a limitless range of styles possible

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Full interiors
Interior of a shoe shop retail space, with cast jesmonite shelves, the masters of which were created using machined engineered wood