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Our 5-Axis CNC machine is the most important tool in our workshop. The unique precision-engineered joinery which has become our trademark is made possible with our CNC router. The router is driven from CAD data, either provided direct from the client or designed in-house at Cambian.

CNC routing offers massive benefits in speed, accuracy, repeatability and part complexity when compared with traditional methods of wood manufacturing.

Wood Without Limits

We have the tools to manufacture custom wooden pieces, in any shape and size, with pinpoint accuracy. We can directly import CAD data from your preferred format, whether it be solid, surface or polygon, so nothing is lost in translation.

Cambian’s CNC machine has 5-axis capability, and a maximum dimension of 3 metres.

Our roots in precision engineering mean that we are able to work to extremely precise tolerances. We are expanding the scope for engineered wood to be used in new applications, with perfect fit and finish every time.

  • 5-Axis Machine
  • 3D Compound Curves
  • Import from any CAD system
  • Sub-millimetre Precision
3D contoured lattice machined on 5-axis cnc

Material Driven

We have primarily built our reputation working with engineered woods, such as plywood and MDF. However, we also offer routing services in a variety of non-wood materials including foam tooling board and plastics.

Our years of experience have given us a deep understanding of how to work with each of the materials we use. Over time, we have perfected unique cutting profiles for each material and each tool. This allows us to carve at maximum speed, without succumbing to tool chatter or burn. The result is more accurate parts, with less finishing time.

  • Birch Ply
  • MDF & Valchromat
  • Hard/Softwood
  • Plastics
  • Modelboard
  • Foam
Radius corner of table machined for a premium London furniture manufacturer showing several layers of ply lamination

Built for Speed

Our machine is capable of moving over two metres in under a second. This translates to give blisteringly fast production times when compared with other manufacture techniques, reducing lead times dramatically.

This rapid performance also allows design development at an equally rapid rate. Prototypes can go from digital to physical in a matter of minutes.

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Efficient Design Development
CNC router performing a cutting operation with the extraction removed for inspection, throwing up a plume of sawdust

Nothing is Wasted

Zero-waste isn’t a target, it’s a reality.

Our machining software ensures that every inch of material is used to its full potential, by nesting each component using advanced algorithms.

Our offcuts are catalogued in an inventory, and used for the next job.

Finally, any remaining material which is too small to be reused for manufacture, is converted into biomass fuel. This strategy is critical for our commitment to sustainability, but also minimises material costs for your project.

  • Alphacam Ultimate
  • Material Optimisation
  • Advanced Nesting
  • Zero-waste
Algorithm driven toolpath generated from Alphacam Ultimate CAM program