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Cambian specialise in bringing their knowledge and expertise in precision wood manufacture to a range of industries. Our approach means we can cater to sectors who need attention to detail other manufacturers simply can’t match. Perhaps you want to introduce engineered wood to what you do? Or maybe you’ve been using wood for a long time and are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner? Contact us today to see how we can help your business benefit from unleashing the potential of engineered wood.

Our engineering approach to wood lends itself to a wide range of engineering industries, from transport, marine, leisure to aviation. Our approach is unusual – taking natural materials, and engineering them for precision tolerance applications. The result of our 3D CAD driven CNC machining is sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy.

Modern, sustainable architecture is increasingly transitioning to engineered wood. We can cut and assemble large structural frameworks or decorative features. Working directly from CAD and BIM files, providing structural analysis and material guidance. We can even construct precision moulds for composite building materials like GRG and GRP.

Our original core offering, we provide high quality bespoke action sports facilities such as skateparks, climbing walls and bouldering centres to a variety of clients. Our custom installations are designed with users at the forefront, creating fantastic sport experiences. Read about it here, or head over to the Action Sports site to find out more.