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We have cultivated an approach to design in wood which is unique amongst providers of CNC routing. Our structured method, taken from the world of precision engineering, allows us to offer unparalleled quality, speed and dependability of design to our customers. Whatever design stage your project is at, we look forward to working in partnership to deliver your vision to reality. Contact us to discuss how our design approach can be applied to your project.


Our approach to design is holistic – We start with the overall vision.

Whether starting from a blank canvas, or with input from your design team, our process is to establish the blueprint before diving into the detail.

By building on this solid foundation, we are able to streamline the design process, avoiding potential roadblocks and delivering more value to your business.

  • Quality driven design
  • Time-efficient
  • Agile
  • Collaborative
3D machined contour from ply

Pioneering Techniques

By keeping our design and manufacture in-house, we have been able to innovate many construction techniques which are unique to Cambian.

As an example, we have developed a method of generating internal rib structure directly from CAD data of external geometry, and then pre-cutting cladding panels to create a virtually seamless outer skin.

Using this technique we are able to make large shapes that are accurate, lightweight to a complexity other manufacturers simply can’t produce

  • Design for manufacture
  • Innovation
  • Unique solutions
  • Tried and tested
Bowl corner of skatepark showing the precision machined sections of ply cladding fitting together

Futureproofing as Standard

When we design using our methods and tools, your projects are safeguarded for the future.

The structure of our CAD means that when your project evolves, our data evolves with it.

Dimension changes, revisions and amendments can be rolled out across the board with the click of a button, which protects your investment in our design time.

  • Stable CAD
  • Modular
  • Adaptable
  • Repeatable

Versatile data

Once your model is created, a world of possibilities are opened up. Using the same data, we are able to perform structural analysis, ensuring optimal performance.

We are also able to create realistic digital renderings, allowing a your project to come to life before a single piece of wood has been cut.

If your project requires shipping, we are able to virtually place the models in their containers, to maximise space and loading efficiency, as well as accurately estimate timescales, costs and installation sequence.

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • CGI Rendering
  • Simulation
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) made with Siemens NX showing the stress and deflection of structural members in a geodeisic dome

Industry Leading

Naturally, top class results are only possible using top class equipment. We run Siemens NX, the gold standard within CAD, designed to withstand any challenge 3D space has to offer. Paired with our workstation-class PCs and experienced draughts-people, our ability for complexity and scale are what we have built our reputation on.

  • High performance software
  • Experienced team
  • Large and Small projects
Cad assembly of the full structure of a skatepark, showing the lattacework down to component level