Cambian Advanced Engineering


Founded in 2011, we are unique in adapting CAD / CAM and 3D CNC routing and machining processes to low carbon materials like engineered wood, to meet the growing sustainability demands of the construction, engineering and transport sectors.

Our end-to-end service for client projects includes consulting, design, automated manufacture, assembly, delivery, installation, project management and support.

We offer high quality contract machining, as well as CNC manufactured solutions for complex projects that demand excellent value and delivery to tight timescales.

sustainable material 3D design and manufacturing


We are unique in the UK in our project experience using engineered wood, with low comparative project costs and rapid project delivery. Our team provides professional engineering design and automated manufacturing to create complex product assemblies and solutions. We combine computerised design and manufacturing expertise to develop solutions that use engineered wood’s natural strength, flexibility, sustainability, light weight, cost, ease of machining, high quality finish and performance benefits.


Toyota Setusma wooden concept car

The Future of Wood

The future ahead is uncertain, but expanding our material horizons could provide answers for some of the biggest challenges industry will face over the next few years. Here are just some of the exciting developments in engineered wood going on right now

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Engineered wood construction second world war plane Dehavilland Mosquito in flight

Engineering on the edge with wood

Few people would’ve believed that a plywood plane could become the fastest aircraft in the world. Learn about this early example of engineered wood providing world-beating performance in the most extreme circumstances

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Deciduous forest at springtime in the South of England

Why use wood?

Could wood really provide a high performance, low carbon alternative to steel and polymers? From Ply to Gluelam, engineered wood is shifting our perceptions of what can be achieved with organic materials. Learn how Cambian is helping to bring wood into the 21st century.

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Overhead view of the Source Park skatepark facility in Hastings, East Sussex. The largest underground skatepark in the world.

Source skate park opens

Creating a skate park from engineered wood makes complete sense when you consider that the equivalent made using glass reinforced plastic composite or concrete would cost at least twice as much. The skateboarders loved it on its first trial too.

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