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We are unique in the UK in our project experience using engineered wood, with low comparative project costs and rapid project delivery. Our team provides professional engineering design and automated manufacturing to create complex product assemblies and solutions. We combine computerised design and manufacturing expertise to develop solutions that use engineered wood’s natural strength, flexibility, sustainability, light weight, cost, ease of machining, high quality finish and performance benefits.

Our in-house design facilities enable us to offer new product development, or production optimisation of your existing designs for efficient manufacture. With cutting edge parametric CAD technology we provide FEA, photorealistic renders and simulations. Bring innovation from the leaders in engineered wood to your project.

5-Axis CNC router technology allows complex wooden forms to be cut efficiently and to a high level of precision. We can machine directly from imported 3D CAD data in any format, or create forms from scratch based on your specification. We offer quick turnaround and cut a range of engineered wood and other materials.

Cambian’s computerised and automated production processes reduce overall project costs, ensure a high quality finish and speed up on-site installation. We can produce one-off custom designs, scale models and full-size prototypes, as well as undertake high volume high-speed production runs for large architecture structures.

An important aspect of our offering is landmark architectural and structural installations using offsite manufacture and modular construction techniques. We are often engaged as a main contractor, but can also function as a specialist subcontractor. By keeping our production entirely in-house, we maintain tight control on budget and timescales

Get the experts in precision wood engineering and manufacture on your team. We offer a range of consultancy options, which can bring a project to life from scratch, or optimise an existing design for manufacture. We can bring real innovation to your project, resulting in new solutions, and overall cost savings.